Jazz Moments

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About This Project

2002 – 2017

Listen, let yourself be moved, music transforms into shapes and colors. “Jazz Moments” by photographer Marco Bizzotto plays like a concert and tells a story through the faces of the artists, captured in moments of intensity and brought masterfully to the page.

Jazz musicians are the protagonists, but jazz is the soul of this book-collection: it is the intensity, tangible even in the first few pages; it is the rhythm, between black and white, color and short texts, or graphics that pop up by surprise; jazz pulls the reader in, immersing them in the atmosphere of an evening at the club. Caught by the photographer’s gaze in moments of high intensity, stars such as Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Jason Moran, Jeff Ballard and Bobby Durham meet the reader and accompany them through an unforgettable Jazz experience.

Once your eyes are satisfied, close them and let yourself be carried away by the memory: waiting for the concert to start as the spectators are taking their seats; the jazz star, really close by, who greets you like an old friend; the first notes opening on a shared standard and the magic of improvisation that makes each concert unique, impossible to recreate. Also, the long-time fans who nod from the front rows and award the concert with approval.
All of this is “Jazz Moments.”

And among the merits of a book that invites you to explore all the pages, enjoying them, is the author’s ability to immediately enter the “mood” of a musical art—that is in itself narration and atmosphere and the depth of the gaze which goes into detail—making its meaning available to the reader. This is no easy task, because to succeed takes a fine eye, but above all a lot of passion. One that the author, Marco Bizzotto, has developed by presenting himself on time to every show on the bill at the Panic. Camera and professional lens ready, he has captured the moments to be consigned to memory by recomposing them in a story that smells of life in the beauty of authentic things and deserves a big round of applause today.

Concept and pictures © 2020 Marco Bizzotto

Photography by Marco Bizzotto
Production & Art Direction by Marco Bizzotto
Motion Graphics and  Music Editing by Leonardo Buccieri
Preface by Lorenzo Parolin
Translations by Nada Di Guida & Jenna Basmagy